Our Climate Commitment

Our goal is to decrease the amount of CO₂ emissions caused by shoes being returned due to improper fit or size. By leveraging technology to help customers make more accurate sizing decisions, we’re able to save retailers revenue that is lost through returns and avoid extra submissions of carbon dioxide greenhouse gases because of reshipments.

    • The Challenge: More than 50% of all shoes ordered online are returned

and 75% of all returns are caused by ordering the wrong size.

    • Our Solution: Foot measurement accuracy technology highly decrease

the likelihood of returns due to the wrong size ordered.

CO₂ Footprint

While we are constantly striving to improve our overall company carbon dioxide emissions, via the Leaders for Climate Action calculator, in 2021, we observed a total of 16.5t CO₂.

Our CO₂ Mission:

    • To reduce avoidable CO₂ emissions caused by reshipments.
    • To support the global efforts to meet the United Nations 2030 Agenda.
    • To expand partnerships with organizations and manufacturers implementing CO₂ 
      positive solutions.
The Climate Choice- Silver Standard Certificate

Our Climate Partnerships