Make sure every
shoe you ship fits

75% of all online shoe returns are due to sizing issues.
This can now be solved with a single smartphone.

Smartphone-based foot measurement
and shoe size recommendation

Perfectly fitting shoes

We match your customers measurements against the shoe model dimensions.

Save on costly returns

Cut out the waste of size-related returns and maximise your profits.

Support the planet

Reduce the carbon footprint associated with returns and reshipments.

LIVE with our partners

*New partners to be Launched Soon!

What our clients say

“Footprint Service is lifting the User Experience of finding the perfect size to the next level. At the same time it is lowering our returns, costs and carbon emissions!”

Steven Labisch
Founder of Tanner’s Footwear

We are footwear specialists
just like you

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Three steps to shoes that fit

Instead of using inaccurate sizing tables, Footprint offers a seamless foot-measuring user experience that works across all Android and iOS smartphones. Without installing an app.


Click the Footprint icon

Easy to find on your product page, users simply click the Footprint plug-in. 
Co-branded and harmonized with your shop design.


Capture your feet

An intuitive step-by-step process guides users through photographing their or their child’s feet using only their smartphone camera and a single piece of A4/ US-Letter paper.  

No app download is required.  


Find the perfect size

We match your customer’s foot size measurements against your individual brand- and model-specific shoe database, finding them the perfect fit. 

User profiles can be created and personal measurements can be saved for future purchases.

Match your shoes to your customers’ feet - all before they make the purchase

With a simple click of our webshop plug-in, Footprint allows your customers to scan their own feet at home using their smartphone’s camera. We then match their precise foot measurements with your brand- and model-specific shoe size database, finding them the perfect fit.

Watch our live demos

How to measure your child's feet


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How to measure your own feet


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Officially approved by the Test and Certification Association of the German Shoe Industry

Proven: we recommend the right size, 80%+ of the time

Fewer returns. Optimized conversion rates. Smaller carbon footprint. Happier customers.


Fewer size-related


Saved on return costs per pair


CO₂ emissions saved with each avoided return
Pay as you go

Using a transaction-based model, you only pay commission on successful purchases. Zero set-up fees.

Easy integration
Our webstore plug-in seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce site. No  user app required.
Available in English, German and Japanese.

What we say

“The Footprint team thinks and acts in a completely sustainable way. Footprint Technologies is a company of the future that involves all stakeholders in the value chain and has the potential to change shoe industry for the better.”

Prof. Helmut Merkel
former Deichmann MD, former Karstadt CEO, former President German Retail Association, former President of IGDS (International Group of Department Stores), Angel Investor in Footprint Technologies

“As founder of the Audi Denkwerkstatt, I was leading one of the most advanced corporate innovation programs in Germany. Now as an entrepreneur, Footprint Technologies combines my professional as well as private passion for sustainability and highly accurate German engineering. I am looking forward to meeting you together with my team, so we can transform online shoe shopping into an individualized & sustainable experience.”

Dr. Matthias Brendel
CEO of Footprint, Dr. of Mechanical Engineering
MIT, Technical University Munich, University of Bayreuth


No more size-related returns

Deliver your customers the right size for the right foot and save time, money and the environment on expensive and wasteful returns. 

Speak to one of our footwear specialists and learn more about integrating our solution into your online shop.

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