We transform online shoe shopping into an individualized and sustainable experience.

By enabling humans to measure their feet easily and accurately at home, we allow them to always find the perfect-fitting shoe.

The perfect match between feet and shoes avoids returns, costs and CO₂ emissions.

By leveraging the technical potentials of AI and building up a shoe database, we ensure this match!

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This is us.

Diverse skills make us a complementary team.


Why we need Matthias:

experienced leader,
persuasive visionary,
Dr. Matthias Brendel
CEO & Co-Founder

Why we need Carolin:

trustworthy realist,
accurate performer,
creative aesthete
Carolin Kleinert
COO & Co-Founder

Why we need Muhammad:

risk mitigator,
resilient enthusiast,
problem solver
Muhammad Ali Kezze
CPO & Co-Founder

Why we need Onur:

technical backbone,
conscientious companion,
saddleproof & judicious

Dr. Onur Ergin

Why we need Andrés:

reliable solution seeker,
abstract thinker,
tech expert
Andrés Prada González
Computer Vision Engineer

Why we need Mohamed:

curious questioner,
adaptable executer,
experience collector

Mohamed Elgazzar
Working Student

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