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Footprint is the leading AI and smartphone-based shoe size recommendation service for retailers and online shoppers.

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Perfectly fitting shoes

We match your customers measurements against the shoe model dimensions.

Save on costly returns

Cut out the waste of size-related returns and maximise your profits.

Support the planet

Reduce the carbon footprint associated with returns and reshipments.

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Once our service goes live, our clients are profiting from the following advantages.
21 - 41%

Fewer shoe returns


Improved Average Order Value


Increased Conversion Rate

From Our Scientific Advisor

“Their service and consideration for the latest scientific findings fully convince me!”

Prof. Stefan Grau,

Professor in Biomechanics, Movement Science and Scientific Advisor, University of Gothenburg

Our Partners

These brands are already reducing their returns with us every day.

Our Partners

Currently running live with our partners and more coming soon!

Ready to use in multiple languages including: English, German, French, and Japanese.

From Our Partner

“As a children’s shoe manufacturer, we know how complex it is to measure children’s feet correctly and find the perfect shoe. We are proud to support Footprint Technologies as development partner and first client for children shoes. We are happy to see Footprint’s service is helping our customers every day to get their online shoe recommendation, that fits perfectly.”

Kai Moewes,

General Manager Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH

From Our Partner

“With Footprint’s service customers can easily check their size at home without the physical product. A win for both sides. Satisfied customers, a massive reduction in possible returns and SONRA’s carbon footprint.”

Hikmet Sugoer,

Founder of SONRA

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How it works

Three easy steps for shoes that fit, without downloading any app.
1. Click Footprint Button
On your product page, simply click our button.
2. Capture your Feet
An intuitive step-by-step process guides users through capturing their feet using only their smartphone camera and DIN A4 or US letter paper.
3. Get Perfect Size Recommendation
Match your customer’s foot size measurements against your individual brand and model specific shoe database, finding them the perfect fit.

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How to measure your feet

How to measure your children's feet

How it works

Three easy steps for shoes that fit without installing any app

From Our CEO

“As founder of the Audi Denkwerkstatt, I was leading one of the most advanced corporate innovation programs in Germany. Now as an entrepreneur, Footprint Technologies combines my professional as well as private passion for sustainability and highly accurate German engineering.”

Dr. Matthias Brendel,

CEO & Co-Founder of Footprint Technologies

Climate Action

Save on returns, reshipments, and CO₂ emissions

336k tons CO₂

Emission caused by avoidable returns in Europe.

315 mil

Parcels are returned in Germany.

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How much does it cost?

We have implemented an easy pay-as-you go service for most of our clients. We do cater special research and customised projects as well. Please get in touch to talk to one of our experts.

How long until we can get started?

There are a few factors influencing the integration. The process can be as fast as two weeks, but can also last longer. Integration on the client side is less than a day by activating a simple code snippet in the frontend.

Do you offer the solution for children and how does it work?

In order for a child's feet to be measured, the child must be able to stand still without moving for at least 10 to 15 seconds while the foot is being measured. This can already be the case with a two-year-old child and can still be a challenge with lively children at the age of four. Therefore, we recommend a clear communication of this challenge to the parents when using in the segment of baby walking and toddler shoes. 

What’s my ROI when implementing this service?

We are happy to go through our ROI calculator with you. It simulates the different effects of our service and gives a clear indication of the savings and additional revenues you can expect. Please reach out to us, so we can go over things together.

“This is a company of the future that involves all stakeholders in the value chain and has the potential to change shoe industry for the better.”

Prof. Helmut Merkel

Former Deichmann MD, former Karstadt CEO, former President German Retail Association


Our AI technology is recognized in several publications.

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